Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's in a name

Ok so I'm really at a loss for baby names... We did decide on a girls names...well sort of...
Kelsie-Lynn Elizabeth is what my hubby likes but I think it's just a bit to southern for me I would prefer just Kelsie Elizabeth or Kelsie-Lynn. So girls lets be honest please tell me you agree with me...I mean am I right or am I right???
But as far as Boy names go we are at a loss plus it doesn't help that we're both stubborn...and I really mean it!! With our first born we both would not back down even after he was born I wanted Daniel Richard and my husband wanted Richard Daniel because he wanted him to have the same first yeah did I mention there are four other Richard's in the family...a little excessive don;t ya think...well anyway the nurse kept harassing us to pick a name because baby boy Clark couldn't leave the hospital without a we flipped a coin yes you read that right our son's name was buy chance...and I'm glad it happened like so because his name really fits him....And as far as our second child we agreed right away and wanted Kayla spelled with a "C" Caila Eleanor is was...Eleanor was after my great grandmother. But I also have to add that we wanted Caila-Sue Eleanor...but I slammed on the brakes for that one. So Caila Elizabeth it was:-)
I think it's just boy names that are really hard for us....and to to tell you a little secret I really think I'm going to have a me crazy but it's just something I we really need to pick a boy name out...
I love Landen I wanted Landen Eric but of course hubby doesn't like it...
Although I don't know why I'm stressing over it cause in 15 years from now my children will come to me telling me how much they hate their name or poor Caila will be so sad because she can never find any of those junk toys that are personalized because mom and dad had to get all "new age" with her name... So it's really a loose loose situation either my kids will hate their name or my hubby will hate the name I pick out.


  1. Look up names on a baby name finder and their meanings. I did this for the boys and their names are really special because they all mean something important to us. I like Landon now that you mention it, it has a nice ring to it. Let us know of what else you both come up with!! =) As for being too Southern, I think there is no such thing so I am the wrong person. Think Southern princess not redneck ya know? That's a big difference. LOL


  2. Picking a name is the hard part! My hubby and I went through a baby name books and highlighted the ones we liked and then the one we agreed on stuck. :) Good luck! I know how hard it is with two people and their different opinions! I am sure you end up with a beautiful name either way!


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