Thursday, November 12, 2009


I as you all may know am a blog hopper I love to read all of your blogs...I have such a great list og blogs that I absolutely love... I bring my tea in (or cereal now that I've been feeling alittle more hungry these days:-) And I really enjoy reading all of your inspiring words and really helps me through the homeschooling year!! Well yesterday I was reading a wonderful blog called too many kids in the bath tube (it's that just the cutest name ever) and she really wrote so powerful words that really hit home...I felt like she was personally giving me the message, I'm not going to post all she wrote you really need to hop over to her wonderful blog and see what she has to say but I will post alittle tid bit...but this really for my benefit because I just loved her post so much!!
Turn the fear into faith
Turn that Sadness into happiness
Turn that Sleepiness into Energy
Turn that anger into love and self composure
Turn that weight loss goal into triumph
Turn that computer addiction ( ;) ) into self control
Turn that mountain of laundry into beautifully folded piles of clothes/

she also wrote this post and I just thought that these posts went well together...
It can be our greatest ally...

Or our worst enemy...

It keeps going even when we are

...too tired
...too lazy
...too sad
...too overwhlemed
...too messy
...too nervous

When we want to

...relax a movie
...get away from it all
...Take a break
...look online
...Look the other way

Time is a gift!

Thank you again too many kids in the bathtub


  1. Wonderful! And yes, very inspiring! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will be taking sometime to look around yours.

    This post was very inspiring, and I will have to check the blog out that you mentioned.


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