Thursday, January 14, 2010

I really think I'm back for good now!!

Well I have a re-built computer and it seems to be working well!! It's been so long since I've blogged that I feel out of the loop..
The pregnancy is going much better, the placenta privia ended up moving up and right into position which was a big relief for all of us, and the good news is the doctor has now agreed to let me go into labor on my own which is very exciting. My due date did change to a later date and is now the 18Th of March but the doctor is giving me until April 2nd to go into labor on my own. Although I'm so ready right now... Except for the name still we narrowed it down to five names and of those five we would really only use three of them so up until now my family has nicknamed this baby..."Baby X" we even got Christmas presents from my parents labeled Baby X..
So I will let you in on the secret names but I think it's going to be the first name on the list because it was my first pick and my husbands second...
But I don't think Clive will be a choice because we both agree you need to be a tall man with a deep voice for that name and coming from these "little people gene's" he'll be lucky to reach the height of 5'5. The name Jared is not really a choice either because his uncle can't resist the temptation to call him the subway guy.
So there you have it the cat's out of the bag!!
As far as school everything seems to be going great. We still are attending two co-op's but I'm thinking about dropping one co-op because it's getting much harder to teach at both co-op's and plan everything plus do all the other stuff we do. I feel like we are never home and when we are it's pure ciaos. Ricky has really taken off on his reading just like everyone said... I thought I could try to get him to start on his own but that was not the case, it was like he woke up one day and said hey mom let's read this book. He enjoys reading and loves to read aloud to anyone who will listen. It really is so exciting to know that I had a part in that, I as a mom was able to witness this special time in my first Born's life. I think it's sad that alot of mom's miss out on moments like these and strangers witness it instead but probably wouldn't cherish it as much. Caila is also doing very well in "school" we started Get ready for the code and she loves it she seems to be my workbook girl although she does enjoy these bag games I made for her. I'm a very hands on learner so I always tend to teach that way. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing??
Well I must go...I'm heading out soon to co-op to start our seven week unit on mammals from different continents. I love mixing up two subjects in one unit it's like getting twice as much work done. I'll post what we're doing for this unit later cause know I'm always interested in finding out where everyone gets their stuff from plus it helps so you don't have to hunt for everything!!


  1. Yeah for being back online!!

    I have found reading to be like potty training. No matter how much we want to teach them, they will make little progress if they aren't ready and willing! I have been pretty laid back with Kylie's reading and it seems like its just taking off more and more lately. As she gets older, she wants to read the more difficult stuff (not that she is reading Moby Dick right now or anything like that lol), and she seems to get the rules MUCH easier and faster! Elise is now starting to show an interest in reading now too, and its funny bc Kylie has NO patience when it comes to Elise working out the most basic of 3 letter words...she just keeps blurting them out for Elise!! I am going to have to keep those two separated when I do reading!!! :)

  2. p.s. Your lesson came out good today!!! The girls just told me the three things that make us mammals!! :)


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