Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a...

We had our ultrasound 3 weeks ago and got mixed news...some was exciting some not so thrilling....
Well let's start with the exciting news...I had good intentions of making this pregnancy a surprise sex pregnancy but my hubby didn't like that idea very much..."he's not one for surprises"... So I made a deal with him to wait and we could put the results in an envolope and find out for Christmas....but then I backed out of the deal and caved...we ended up finding out the sex of the baby and just and I instinctively knew "IT's a BOY" So we were thrilled and it's just what I was hoping for...no I'm not one of those mama's that says "I don't care as long as it's healthy"...No way!!! I guess that's where you can tell I'm a spoiled only child;-)
But the news that followed was not as exciting...especially because I had no idea what the heck it was??? I cant say that anymore I'm practicly an expert in the field now. Well appariently I have Placenta previa which is a complication in pregnancy in which the placenta grows in the lowest part of the womb (uterus) and covers all or part of the opening to the cervix. It's more of a risk factor for me because I've had two c-sections so the placenta could potentioly grow through my old scar tissue and cause lots of problems.Placenta previa happens in about 1 out of 200 pregnancies. But some women "like me" are at higher risk of developing it. These include women who
· have already had at least one c-section
· have had several other pregnancies
· have another surgical scar on their uterus
Check,check, and check I apply to all three of these factors lucky me:-)
So with this great news I was able to worry for the last three weeks and will find out more details with next weeks ultrasound.
So baby number three's birth plan went right out the window before it even got a chance to get started....I had it all planned out as most mom's do...I knew the risk factor of a v-back with two prior c-sections was higher and less likely to happen especially with a tilted ulurus..."which I just found out about" Plus with my small stature and my over 8lb baby making ways we just decided it wasen't worth the risk. So I came up with plan B and that was...if I was going to have a scedualed c-section I was going to be as involved as I could...and with that I ment I didn't want to make an oppointmant, walk in, lay down on the sergical table, and say "Ok I'm ready for you to drug me up and, tear my baby out of my uturus..because I can't birth a child" (sorry to be so blunt I just have ill feelings toward c-sections. I really didn't/don't want that....What I had planned just sounded alittle more natural and less barbaric..I wanted to go into labor on my own...I wanted to feel the contractions and that rush of excitment that comes over you, I wanted to be apart it, and then at that time I would go to the hospital as have my c-section. I just want the baby to come when the baby is ready is that to much to ask???
Well anyway enough day dreaming I obviously wouldn't be able to go through with my birth plan if I still have placenta privia because "they" the doc's like to sceduale a cesection at 34-36 weeks before you even come close to laboring on your own which is completly which is the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen....


  1. First let me say congrats! I am so thrilled for you! :)

    My mother had placenta-previa. She had to be on bed rest for the last few months. I pray all goes well with you and the baby! :)

    Hope you are doing well and enjoying your pregnancy!

  2. Hey there!!!

    Email me back using this comment. Your email wasn't linked to the comment you left on my blog. :)

    I had previa too with our last one - one of the biggest & best our doctors had seen. What can I say - I'm an over-achiever!

    I'll talk to you soon!

  3. Hoping that your placenta moves for you Jenn, but if it doesn't, I would totally use the wait and see approach to delivery still. If you haven't had any bleeding at 34 weeks, WHY deliver early? If you have made it to 36 weeks with no issues, I would push for at least one more week from that dr of yours ;) . I made it to 38.5 weeks with my placenta previa/twins, so it CAN happen! Thinking of you though! I know how scary it can feel at times, like you are a "walking timebomb".


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