Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh how I love my sewing machine

Well last night i stayed up way to late trying to finish all my projects. I haven;t sewn anything in the last month because our living room was so full of Christmas decore that I didn't even want to think about lugging out all of my sewing stuff. But last night I had enough energy to accually get something done and I didn't want to stop once I got started, especially while watching my little house on the prarie dvd collection (that my awesome mother in law bought me for Christmas) So I started with Little Rick's cutrains for his army room you can't really make out the print cause his room is so bright but it's camo green with army helecopters

Then I had fleece fabric that I bought a while back with every intention of making pillow cases for the kids so I finally got to that project and finished them up for the kids, and as you can see my litte snuggle bunnies loved their good morning surprise.

And when i finished the pillow cases I didn't want to stop especially since I was in the middle of a good little house on the prarie episope ( the one where the whole family goes out further west for the gold rush...great one by the way) So i decided to start a baby blanket with the fabric I got a while back on clearance. Now I know it looks like I must have spend hours piecing and quilting this blanket together but really it came like that..shhhh don't tell anyone my secret, and of course I ended up finishing the blanket last night.

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