Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going green one step at a time

So I found a fun blogger that is doing a going green challenge one green thing a week thing a week. Check out her blog over at throughtheeyesofchildren and check out her week challenge...
Our family challange is going to be to only buy second hand's so horrible how frivilious it is to go run to Borders book store and buy new books...I usually try to do this anyway but sometimes those teacher resourse guides by Evan-Moor just call to me. So I will be visiting alot more of these websites to make this challenge possible...

Well I hope you are able to join us cause we all know that one little step could last a lifetime on our mother earth..

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  1. that is a great green challenge! we rarely buy books ihave way to many already for the girls from my years of teaching.

    we use the library tons! so much they know us by name and pull books they think we'd like :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your music on your blog!!! :)

    hope you link up again!!


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