Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day gift # 2

So I finally finished Ricky's gift for Valentine's day it's a fabric roll up to store colored pencil and marker and Im going to pair it with a dod you doodle book ...The fabric roll was lots of fun to make although I really need to practice the binding, I've never had to do a binding around a 90 degree angle before, my only experience with binding has been around the bottom of a dress for caila..not so hard to do. I think in the near future I'll be looking for some scrap fabric so I can make some pot holders with a binding for Christmas next year that way I'll be getting two things done at once...I love to multi task, although it makes me think hummm am I doing this out of pure laziness or am I just cleaver in doing two things at once, I think it's alittle of both... but come on I'm nine months pregnant I'm aloud to be alittle lazy once in a while right??
Well I hope you like my craft and please travel over to you go girl for step by step directions she really helps she even shows you how to do the binding... maybe you will have an easier time than I did with the binding...but practice does make perfect and now that I look back I noticed that I didn't follow her first direction which was to eat a dove chocolate bar(I'm not a big fan of chocolate) maybe that's why it didn't come out good...for my next try I'm going to eat some gummy worms maybe that will help my performance:-)

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  1. I really like your blog. It is so interesting with various things you show and talk about. You have a real nice family. Happy valentine's Day.


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