Monday, February 15, 2010

Join the movement...

So here we are again trying to go green along with a great blogger (throughtheeyesofchildren) that started this blogging movement, not only for the benefits of the earth but I find that alot of steps we do in going green just seem to be cheaper, and who doesn't like to save money right??? So starting this week for our challenge we are going to try to use only our handy packs for lunch no more zip lock bags...especially since I've made a couple of re-usable/water-proof snack bags (although I need to make more...maybe that will be my personal challenge for this week:-))
Below is a picture of the handy lunch packs that we use although they do fit a juice box inside them we are going to choose to use our aluminium water bottle because... well for one the kids like water plus it's so good for them plus that's just one less thing that your throwing in the trash this brings us back to the cheap factor.... water = free = :-)

Please choose to join us in this small step could help our earth in a BIG way...

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