Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Blues

Well today is supposed to be some big day for me but it just feels like any other's my 26Th birthday and I'm not as excited about it?? Maybe it's the hormones but I kinda don't want it to be my birthday...I know that sounds really weird especially for me cause I usually love to be treated like a queen but for some reason I just want to day to rush by. Maybe because I've been so busy that I haven't had time to build up's like Christmas the anticipation is always greater than the actual day...I think we're going to just hang low our school work, I have to drop off some tax papers....which by the way I'm very excited about "yeah for being a fist time home buyer and getting a tax credit back"... New bathroom tub here we come:-)
So wish me luck today I think I'm going to need it...


  1. Well, I hope that your birthday is a happy one. I usually have bad luck on my birthdays, so I'm usually waiting nervously for them to end. I'd probably enjoy them more if my husband did treat me like a queen for the day, mind...

  2. awwwww, don't want you to have birthday blues! Just think of all you have accomplished in the last 26 years. You have 2.87 beautiful, funny children (only a couple more weeks left til its THREE), you have one of the sweetest, most handy husbands, have a beautiful house, and a wonderful life in general. Your life is absolutely RICH in blessings. Not bad for your first 26 years of life!! And here's to another 26...and then another 26....and why not another 26 after. ;) Happy Birthday Jenn!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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