Sunday, February 7, 2010

Were you this BIG for your other two?

So I had a doctor's appointment last week and everything seems to be going good, although I did get caught by the doc in my sugar test....She could tell I had something "sweet" for breakfast... I told her I did have a glass of orange juice although I failed to mention that that glass of oj was accompanied by a heaping bowl of apple jacks:-)
I have a feeling that either my new date is wrong or this baby is just going to be HUGE...I think my doctor also feels the same way. Why do I think that...oh well it's a dead give away when your doctor asks how big my other babies were at birth immediately after measuring your stomach. Or the fact that she just came right out and asked if I was this "BIG" when I carried my other two kids... What do you say to that... isn't every pregnancy supposed to be different, carrying Caila and Ricky are like night and day.. With Caila I carried "gained weight" all over my body and with Ricky is was all in my stomach... and that's how this baby is too...all in my stomach.
Well maybe I'll get lucky and they just miscalculated my due date and I will have this little bundle of joy earlier than planned. I do know that this one is a little spitfire, he hurts me not to mention the river dance number that he does on my bladder...not fun!!

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