Thursday, April 1, 2010

Splish, splash-- baby’s first bath!

Tonight baby Jameson had his first bath and if he could speak I think this is what he would say about his first bath...
Wrapped up in a blanket
Cozy, safe and sound
You pick me up and smile
Then you strip me down.
You put me in water
And expect me not to scream
Well, I'll just tell you frankly,
Only in your dreams.
Don't wash behind my ears
And leave my toes alone
Just because I'm crying,
Try not to use that tone.
Please give me back my blanket.
Wrap me up so tight.
With lots of hugs and kisses,
I'll forgive you...I just might.
~Dana Roberts Clark

I don't think he knew what to think of his was mixed emotions as you can see...


  1. Hello my darling! Congratulations on Jameson's first bath. Looks like it was a love hate situation. One pic was like, Ahh.. and the other was like, Noooooo!!! I can remember one of your children falling asleep under the sprayer. Give my love to all your little darlings. Love you so much baby!
    Love Mama

  2. So cute! Congrats on your baby. So wonderful! I am so sorry I haven't been around to comment much - I feel like I am just starting to feel better and can actually comment on blogs again. I have a few days a week where I have energy and am not having morning sickness too bad. lol Hope all is well with you and baby! *hugs*

  3. awwwww, LOVE these. Looks like he loved his first bath as much as mine have, but he still gave you some amazing pics in there (I think actually ALL my first bath pics are just screaming pics). Like I said before, he is gorgeous and I can't wait to meet him and hold him soon enough!!!! :)


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