Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learning about St George a Michaelmas story

So yesterday day was Michaelmas and I told two stories to the kids about St George and how he was the only knight in the whole land to fight off the fire breathing dragon and rescue the princess. We had fun telling it in a Waldorf way with an good morning song and lighting a candle (it really set the mood and the kids were all ears...
Good Morning, dear Earth
(touch the earth with both hands)
Good Morning, dear Sun
(gesture upwards, both palms open to the bright orb)
Good Morning, dear Stones
(touch the earth, hands in a fist shape)
and Flowers, every one
(and open the fists into flower shapes in front of you)
Good Morning, dear Animals
(fingers above your head, like little antlers)
and Birds in the trees
(two thumbs intertwined, making flapping wings with the fingers, travelling across the sky)
Good Morning, to you
(hands open, outstretched, palms face up, towards children in group)
and Good Morning, to me
(hands facing me, crossing over almost like a 'hug')

it's also on youtube...this one it alittle different but also really beautiful
as well as mamamoontime
Then I read the story from Our Little Nature Nest about St George and the dragon. We also read the story from The festival of stones which was also a beautiful story although my son liked the first one alittle more my daughter liked The Most beautiful dragon story more.
We then made the story out on our Geo blocks and then I had sewn a red dragon for their nature table so they play with that for a while. We really enjoyed learning about St. George and look forward to adding this tradition to our yearly celebrations!
The princess tied to the trees by the water...

The sun and the dragon and the knight with the bird landing on his shoulder...

Here is a picture of Rick playing at our newly built nature table and the dragon that I made...


  1. where is the nature table?? TOTALLY missed it (although I saw the cute dragon!) Are those the pattern blocks you are selling?? Look how fun, never even thought about making them into pics for a story ready can't get rid of them!!! :)


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