Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wanting a Waldorf way of life

So my life seems to be very crazy lately and I have so much "stuff" building up that I've been trying to just slow down and take a deep breath sort of smell the roses or should I say in this time of the year smell the crisp air :-)...I was just talking to my mama about my life not to long ago about how thankful and happy I really am at this point in my life. We have three beautiful children and live in our dream house as little as it may be it's our "little house on the prairie" Well I've been trying to learn as much as I can about the Waldorf education. I've been reading so many beautiful blogs that are just so creatively inspiring, and I would love to add that element of rhythm to our daily lives as well as adding more singing dancing and just living more simply. In this quest for a Waldorf home I started with the kids play toys. I have always been a firm believer in buying toys that use their minds and imagination, such as lego's, Lincoln logs, tinker toys, kitchen sets, wooden train sets, I've even built them fairy houses. But that's not to say that we haven't bought our fair share of plastic crap toys because...well I don't know great marketing I guess. In my newest quest for a Waldorf home my husband and I pledged to make as many toys as we can for the kids for the up coming holidays as well as Birthdays which I thought would be a great opportunity to start to switch out some of their toys as well as focusing on quality rather than quantity.
My next step is to learn a few verses and blessings and weave them into our daily lives. I do believe that my children will enjoy this because I know that they love it when we sing together... so I am excited to incorporate this. I'm still learning about Waldorf and although I love the thought I the schooling aspect of it I'm not sure I can let go our school books so for now I"m just starting small by adding a Waldorf math (the four process math) to our current math. I've also started introducing letters to Caila in a Waldorf way through stories and drawings. I will keep up dating with any new finds and any added thoughts on our newest quest as a family to living more simply....even thought they don't seem like big changes they are big for us especially me because I'm a consumer...not in the sense of buying from the stores so much as buying second hand and fixing it up or stopping at side of the road specials to dig through left over tag sale stuff. I"m not saying that I'm going to stop getting side of the road specials but I am going to limit our intake of these "deals"...Caila doesn't need 10 outfits from the salvation army.
Here are a few inspiring blogs that have really helped me to understand that Waldorf is not just a way of's a way of life.
Happy blog hopping...
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  1. Sounds like a good start mama. I love "used stuff" shopping too.
    Toymaking is a great activity to do with kids. They can learn lots of different skills and you can give the results to others as gifts
    I think the way you used "toys" to tell the dragon story to your kids was fantastic and very creative. If you do it everyday the exact same way for a month then you will find them imitating your storytelling too. mymommymakesit


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