Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween memories

We really had such a wonderful Halloween day. We spent all morning outside and the kids helped daddy do leaves...because we have about 6 huge oak trees that love to share their acorns and big beautiful leaves with us!!! Then we went over to grandma's house for a warm home cooked chicken stew meal....but the kids fell asleep before they we got there here they are resting up for the big night...

after a nice meal and a little nap they were all so excited and ready to go...
but wait mom still has to get a group shot...and one with your cousin Gavin too....

Here is Jameson all ready for the door to door fun!!!

...and when we got back they sorted out their candy traded with each other...Jameson just snuggled his new pumpkin from Grandma...

They then picked their 10 candy's that they wanted to keep and the rest was going to be left out for the sugar plum fairy. What's that you say you don't know the sugar plum fairy??
Well here is the story that the fairy told me in my dream so I could tell my children and ask for their help...
You see there lives a sugar plum fairy that has a never ending sweet tooth I mean after all she is the sugar plum fairy. SO in the spring she flies from flower to flower with her bumblebee friends to collects nectar from the springtime flowers to ease the sweet cravings that she has, and when spring turn into summer she is just overjoyed with happiness at the abundance of sweet nectar in all the blooming flowers. She spends her summer days flying with her little bee friends to all the brightly colored flowers. But when the summer days started to get shorter and and nights started to get chillier she started to notice that the trees were changing colors and some of her favorite fields of flowers were starting to die off. She become very sad and started to cry. As she sat weeping in the field Mr.squirrel was passing by and heard the little fairy crying. "excuse me my friend but why are you crying?" the little fairy looked up and replied because all of my favorite flower fields are starting to disappear and I have to fly far to find blooming flowers...and I don't know what I'm going to do for winter, you see the sweetness from the nectar will keep me warm in the winter months but I don't know where I will find blooming flowers in the winter?" Mr.squirrel thought for a moment and replied " Maybe you can do what our family does and store up for the see we gather up all the acorns that fall from the oaks trees and bury them for the winter months then you will have enough to last through the cold months ahead." "That's it said the sugar plum fairy that's what I'll do I save all the sweetness"..then the sugar plum fairy paused " wait I don't know how I"m going to save up when I'm having a hard time just trying to find blooming flowers now...what should I do Mr. squirrel?" I don't know I only collect acorns I don't know where to fild fields of blooming flowers...but I do have a friend that has a garden maybe you could ask her....her name is Bella..Bella the cat and she lives in that house right over there.
SO the sugar plum fairy flew to the house with the cat named Bella. "Hello...Hello...I'm looking for Bella" Hello replied a black cat with a white dipped tail my name is Bella how can I help you? OH that goodness I hope you can help me replied the fairy...You see I'm looking for your garden so I may collect sweet nectar and store up for the winter months and I am having a hard time finding blooming flowers" OHHH said Bella the cat well yo will have no luck here either because our garden in also preparing for winter and starting to go into a deep sleep, so you will find no blooming flowers here. The little fairy started to cry again..."what will I do for the winter I need sweetness to keep me warm for the winter. Wait don't cry I have an idea...You see I live in this house with three little children and their getting ready for this upcoming holiday called's where they go from door to door and say trick or treat and the neighbor gives them a the end of the night they have a whole bag full of sweetness, maybe you could ask them to help you! So that night the sugar plum fairy visited their mama in a dream and the mom agreed to ask the children if they wanted to help the fairy and the fairy promised to leave something special for the children for sharing their sweetness.
The story is aittle raw I tell you the truth it was my first story I ever made up for the kids, but they were all hears and had eyes filled with wonder. They were very happy to share with the sugar plum fairy!!
Here were the gifts they received from the fairy...( a fairy house for Caila and a felted fire ball I used a tennis ball and sewed fun fire looking fabric on it for the flames.

We also had a visit from the tooth fairy but that's going to be anotherost that I will save time for later tonight.


  1. That is such a sweet story and I have heard something similar before. My kids would never fall for that now, wish I thought of it when they were younger...hehe How wonderful!!

  2. Were doing the Sugar Plum Fairy this year if you can believe that! I told them the story last year and Aiden and Ryan actually are intrigued enough to tell me they want to do it.


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