Friday, October 22, 2010

preparing for Christmas

I know it's really early to be thinking about Christmas but our goal this year is to make everyones Christmas gifts so we really have to be thinking early. Every year we make alittle bit but end up buying most so this year we are really sticking to it and we are having so much fun preparing. It make the upcomming holidays so much more exciting. Plus I think it will give the kids the right "vibe" about the holidays...that it's not just about buying things just to buy really have to put thought into what that person might really enjoy and appreciate. So hee are some of the gifts that we've been slowly creating, and I will add more as we make more...Although that may not be for another week or so since I've been busy preparing for the kids Halloween party and sewing their costumes.
But here are the kids making homemade bird suet with Christmas cookie cutters Thanks to THE MAGIC ONIONS which is a great blog filled with fantastic craft ideas...

Here is the recipe
1 oz Gelatine
Boiling Water
Yarn or string (for hanging loops)

MIx boiling water with gelatine until disolved than add enough birdseed to get it wet looking. Pat down in your cookie cutter or mold then press in your yarn and wait till it hardens. We waited about an hour before we took them out and they we great!!

Our next creation is canned food goods Everything from cookie recipes in a jar...

To apple pie filling and apple pie filling jam as well as homemade salsa from homegrown goodness:-)

I"ve also made a few felted balls with bells inside for Jameson. And a fabric three little pigs book.


  1. This was so timely for me. We are hosting our first ever Yule celebration and I have the holidays on my mind. Your gifts look amazing!

  2. You are well on your way to a handmade Christmas. I love it!


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