Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taste the rainbow

Well as you can see Jameson is a healthy happy growing baby. He really enjoys nursing as do I but a couple of monthes ago I thought i would introduce solid food and just like his siblings he would adjust easily and learn to love food....that just didn't happen Jameson just didn't understand how to eat he would stick his tounge out and try to get the food off the spoon it was very funny to watch almost like a cat drinking water. But after a couple of days it got old and I didn't want to push it so we took a break and went back to exclusivly breastfeeding. We have just receantly try food again and Jameson is much more willing to try new foods and he's alot better at it he now seems to understand that his job is to just open his mouth and the food will come to him:-) I know see that he enjoys eating and loves to sit in his high chair which was his father when he was a baby. I have now started to make his baby food which is a very fun thing for me to do. I love seeing a freezer full of freshly made baby food, it's so colorful and the colors are so viberant compared to jared store bought baby food. Although I doo sometime check out store bought baby food to take note of different combinations. I really like the Top 100 baby purees it's full of great recipes and tip she also has another recipe books called The Healthy Baby Meal Planner: Mom-Tested, Child-Approved Recipes for Your Baby and Toddler which I found at the salvation army a few monthes back and love alot of recipes in this book too!!
Here is our rainbow from the other day...

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