Saturday, November 6, 2010

My baby's Birthday

My Fairy Child
by Jarmara Black

She dances in the autumn sun light
her flaxen hair all a glow
her eyes wide and innocent
full of wonder and delight
no sound but laughter passes her lips
no sorrow will you see in her face
no tears but those of joy will flow
her skin is clear like pale moon light
and as soft as an evening breeze
a kiss from her is gentle as the early morning mist
an embrace from her feels like warm sun upon the skin
her silvery laughter is like a sweet chattering stream
clean and clear and pure
Today is a good day for no blight has come her way

She huddles in the corner hiding in the dark
her flaxen hair all wild and pulled across her face
her eyes wide with fright confusion and fear
no sound but shrieks and cries will passes her lips
no joy will you see in her face
no tears but those of rage will flow
her skin is blotched and hot like a raging inferno
a kiss from her is like a bite from an injured fox
an embrace from her feels like a vice like gripe of terror
her manic laughter is like white water rapids
fast, furious and wild
Today is a bad day for blight has come her way

Our world confuses my fairy child
our rules she cannot comprehend
one day she will walk back through the veil
back to were she belongs
where she can weave her magic
safe in her fairy world
until then by my side she will stay
and with the power of a mothers love
I will try with all my might
To shield her from her plight.

Today is my baby girls birthday and today it the day she turns 5. As I think back now I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant with my little baby girl..words could not describe how excited I was. I wanted another baby so bad...I wanted my children to be close in age so we tried for three months until we were finally blessed...(I remember thinking something was wrong with me because it took 3 family laughed at me:-)) I knew I was having a girl before she knew she was a girl lol and I knew that she was going to be my little fairy child. My Caila has such an imagination and the fairy realm is very real to her. I love telling her a story and seeing her eyes light up with wonder. She my compassionate child who really care about your feelings and everything she does is from the heart. I'm so blessed with three beautiful children and I treasure the magic of life with them everyday. OH how I love my children they are my everything!!

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