Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting back to our roots..starting a healthful journey.

So a few BIG changes are being made in our home as a family right now.. it started with our new baby chickens (which are really teenagers now) but they got me thinking about our food and where it comes from and then that got me to reading labels which included ingredients that sounded like a science paper for college more then an ingredients label, and what about this corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup is it good or is it bad for us? Well I've been spending alot of time over at farmama's blog who has a beautiful family and in my eyes they are living the American dream she and her family organically farm 3 acres of land and her blog is just so charming to read please check out her blog (I try to daily lol) if you have a chance..but anyways she also has a wealth of knowledge on her side bar which is jam packed with links and studies about our food and where it comes from. I also just finished watching as well as Corn King as well as Food Matters (did I mention I was obsessed with learning about our food) shocked is my overall feeling about the grocery story as well as our old diet which was generally corn based... I may have thought I was feeding my family steak, or cereal, or log cabin maple syrup (which by the way has NO maple syrup in it)but really it was corn we were eating and I wont mention the chicken nuggets that we used to eat... I feel ashamed that this is the quality of food that I have been feeding my kids not to mention the meat that we have been eating and the abuse that those animals had to go through to get to our dinner table. That alone has made me want to buy/freeze a half a grass feed cow for our family we're also thinking about raising meat chickens with a good friend of ours. This is fairly new to us so for now I'm starting with our fridge stuff and cupboards first such as organic dairy products, making all of our breads, as well as homemade chicken nuggets lol, and I'm looking into making our own condiments tas well So for right now I'm just on a corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup strike, which by the way is a very hard task to accomplish especially since that was 75% if not more of our diet but on the positive side of things the farmer's market has started so that will make it easier to buy local fruits and vegi's, and not some genetically modified fruit that was picked a week ago and since then has lost alot of it's nutritional value. I never looked at it this way but did you know that in this generation we spend about a third of our income on food where as generations before us spent over half of their income to feed their families yet this generation has the most cases of diabetes, obesity, heart complications the list goes on...that is just baffling to me...yet no one stops and says wait somethings wrong here SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE!!! Please educate yourself...if not for YOUR health for your FAMILIES with this movement because our bodies deserve better...these are our temple and we only get one of them...
I will be updating on our diet and how my children and husband are adjusting not to mention my withdrawal from a serious cereal addiction I have!!!
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  1. Girl, you are speaking my language. I went thru this a few years back, eye opening and pure disgust.

    I have also gone gluten free due to my auto-immune issue, yet my kids diets are 50% wheat I am's hard to limit them in the same way, but I am convinced wheat is not all it's cracked up to be, even for those without health issues.

    I would so love to get land and raise our own food. BUT yes I am so excited for the farmer's markets to start, too! I am wishing we had land for chickens, but in the city as we are on a tiny plot of land, it's not gonna happen. I will have to find someone who does and support them. ;0) We have to really save up seriously because it takes a lot to get started, but once we get our first big order in, it should be easy to save up for future orders as we wont' be buying weekly. Also, so far the one place I did find takes orders once a year in the Spring.


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