Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blossoms everywhere

So I've just noticed the blossoms on our dwarf apple trees...I can't wait to see what becomes of these...I know they are potential apples but I just can't believe that a 2 year old tree can already produce apples. This year we're really trying to expand our planting area and variety. I think part of the reason is because my husband wouldn't mind in the least bit if he never had to mow the lawn another day in his life and another reason is because we want more yeld in our space we've been in our house or almost two years and we are really liking the freedom of turning our house into a home and this includes adding chicken coops and gardens and I'm currently thinking about bees but that wont be for another year or two. You see the kids are learning about bees in their homeschool co-op and I'm just fasinated with them. I still have so much to learn about them I'm not even sure if this would be a good place for them but give it a few years I'm sure I could find somewhere to keep them.
So anyways we're thinking about taking advantage of the front yard and the morning sun that it gets by planting a row of raspberries bushes..My husband wanted to plant corn in the front yard but I want to make sure that I can grow it first before we start tearing up the font yard...I'm sure we'll make some enemies in our neighborhood by tearing up the front I don't understand why people are so worried about grass and the way their house looks I find it kinda silly to water grass in the dry months of the year (or even any months at all for that matter) it seems like such a waist of such a valuable resource... so anyways that's what got us to the idea of using our front yard for more planting grounds so I will keep you updated on how that goes as well... Until then enjoy the day..and plant something:-)

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