Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Daily thanks..

So Caila and our neighbor's daughter set up a lemonade stand and cookie's they decided that it would be a good idea for all the proceeds to go to our local animal shelter. They we're so cute and did such a great job. What a great day and they made good money for a lemonade stand...$32
And Ricky has also been busy with his donations we decided we wanted to help leukemia children...so we talked about what leukemia is and send out hand signed cards to all of our neighbor's and we're able to collect $80 ($5 was Ricky's own money) He made me so proud when he said e would rather give his savings as a donation.
All this talk about the less fortunate also got me thinking about how else I can get the kids to realize that it's not the wants in life that make us happy it's the small little things that we already have...So as a daily writing we do our bible study (Leading little one to God) then we have a special notebook that I have them write what they are thankful for that day and they also draw a picture to go with it.

Here is Rick's...today he was thankful for mom and dad...his picture is of his daddy's car because he loves it so much and he drew "nature" for me ( a stick and a spider in it's web) because I love anything nature related..

And Caila is thankful for her pets..and the picture is of her cats and her chickens:)

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