Monday, October 17, 2011

More to scratch off the done list

So here is one of little Rick's Christmas gifts that daddy was working on last week. Hubby is VERY proud with the way this set came out especially since he tried a bunch of new things with this project.

Please meet Amy, Caila's Birthday doll that I finally finished. I also make a few outfits to go with her and I'll be wrapping but this basket with a green silk for her fairy house(my daughter LOVES silks). I was lucky enough to know a WONDERFUL blogger that is willing to barter for a hand died silk for a few knitted animals. I have to say making doll outfits is quit time consuming...In the time it takes me to make one doll outfit I could have made two dresses for But I did have alot of fun making them and picking out the fabrics and I do plan on making a few more Dolley dresses for Christmas gifts too.

This week I'm working on Halloween costumes. This year Rick is going to be Indiana Jones, Caila is going to be Little Red Riding Hood and Jameson is going to be Robin Hood as long as I can finish in time and the pressure is on because they have a Halloween party this Sat...YIKES!!! This week in the workshop Daddy is working on a special box for Caila's doodle stuff. She likes to wind down in her bed before she falls asleep and doodle but by morning her has crayons in her sheets and doodle paper all over her bed... Pictures to follow as soon as newest projects are finished...Wish us luck..


  1. You guys rock! The wooden trucks came out great, looks like he's been making them forever...and I know Caila is going to love her doll, what fun with all the different outfits, too!!!

  2. What cute gifts you have made!! Things like that are so much neater than a toy from a store that looks just like thousands of other toys.

    I would love to have you come and join my Handmade Christmas Carnival (and link up your posts) which I am hosting every Tuesday at my blog.


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