Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So behind on my blogging....

Well I have been away for a while and so much has happened in a month. You see the night before Halloween we got a major snow storm and lost power for almost a week, our mission that week was to stay warm in front of the fire place. Although it was a hard week I do believe it was a special week as well because it brought so many families, friends, and neighbors together. We all got back to our roots...we told the kids it was like camping in our house...We cooked on the fire, used our camping lanterns, and lite candles for nightlights, I can even say that I truly burned some midnight oil and crafted by the lantern at night. We also took in some friends that had not source of heat along with their six children....(it was a busy week) But I did enjoy it!!
We have been also gaining the benefits of the storm by receiving LOTS of free wood...we have so much wood we had to turn some of it down. We do burn alot but we're also thinking about investing in a wood stove as well for our basement...
I will be update very soon with Christmas projects that we've been working on or have already finished..

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