Monday, December 26, 2011

Handmade Holidays 2011

Here are a few more of our Handmade Christmas gifts from this year. This is our second year making handmade gifts for everyone and we just love it so much this year we only bought my brother-in-laws gift but I was a good thing because he really loved it plus we bought it used and not from the big named stores that are usually flooded with shoppers this time of the year. Although we make everyone's gifts we do buy gifts for each other and that's because we rarely buy things for our selves throughout the year so this is a nice way to treat each other to a few treats, and the few gifts we buy the kids are from the big guy..wink wink. I have to say I really do love watching the reaction of when everyone opens your gift that you created and worked so hard on and you can see that your hard work was all worth it!!
Here are a few pictures of our gifts we've been busily working on...we have a few more handmade things but they went without me getting pictures because they were the gifts we were working on the night before Christmas or I already wrapped them up.
Here is a shop clock for my Dad..this is my husbands handy work ..he did all the wood work and airbrushing for it...

These are quilted place mats that I made for my mom.. I was really excited about these because i have never quilted before but I thought they came out pretty good for a first time project!

This is a marble mat I felted for Rick

This is another waldorf doll that I made for Jameson...he loves Caila's Emily doll because he has a fetish for her wool hair he likes to rub it on his he got his own farmer girl with tractor overalls..

These are a few train destinations that my husband made for nephew Gavin...he's getting into the Thomas the train stuff...but I must say my husbands are much better..why you ask oh because you don't have to worry about our red paint containing lead in it and having it recalled...

These sword and shields have been in the works for about a year, they were a gift that was never finished last year but I'm happy we didn't because they came out so beautiful and the kids absolutely love them they already have a few dents in the swords...we also got these to match the set from etsy. I was working on matching capes but didn't finish so I think I will give those to them later...maybe Easter??

These are a pair of peanuts print pj bottoms for Jameson...(Big brother
r got a matching pair too)

Here is another beautiful wood project from my husband..he made Caila a rocking cradle for her dolly's...she loves it so much I also made a crocheted blanket for her dolls too...this was my first crocheted project as well, my mother-in-law just taught me how last month. I did this blanket in a granny square and I single crocheted the outside in the two solid colors to kinda pull some of the colors out of the middle.

Rick's been wanting a boy Waldorf doll so here he is. He has no name yet so if you have any suggestions that would be great!! I'm not sure if you noticed but he also has the matching Peanuts print pj' This doll was alittle tricky to do because I had to learn to crochet a cap for his head so I could hook and loop all of his hair. I followed the weircrafts directions for the cap .

This is a wooden roadster that my very talented husband made for Jameson..

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This is a set of felted acorns and matching sorting bowls for Jameson.

These are wooden cookies which I stole the idea from Melissa and Doug. They have velcro on them so Jameson can switch the frosting or slice them apart..these were fun to make!!

And last but certainly not least is the crayon box that my husband made Caila because she is our little artist and loves to doodle in her bed before she falls asleep but her crayons were always scattered about her bed so daddy came up with this beautiful/stunning crayon box with a secret drawer for her colored pencils. He painted this quote on the sides..."Paint the world with imagination, let your dreams be your inspiration"

Sorry these pictures are so late it's just we were so busy making the gifts and just didn't have time to blog about our Maybe next year it will be alittle better and I wont be so tired from being pregnant. One of these years we will have everything alittle more organized.


  1. Wow!! Those are fantastic gifts! You are both very talented! So wonderful and inspiring to see all those ideas put into practice on those gifts. Awesome! Have a wonderful new year!!

    Mary from Simply Livin':)

  2. What wonderful gifts! You and your husband are very talented!

  3. What gorgeous presents! I love your dolls and your husband's woodworking, very clever!


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