Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby on board

So although I started early on my Christams to make list I just can't seem to stay up at night and burn the midnight oil anymore, my new bedtime is usually 8:30-9:00 I think the more pregnancy's you have the more tired you become with each one...either that or it's just that our days are so busy with school and house cleaning by night time I'm wiped out (I just don't know how Soulemama does it)I have been feeling alittle better and for those of you who don't know I'm expecting my fourth and I'm 14 weeks pregnant. We are very excited about our new little blessing although I have to admit I am feeling alittle nervous about having a fourth. So much is running through my mind all the time "Will I be able to pull everything together so I can continue to homeschooling?" "Where are we going to fit another one in our humble little home ?" "Can we afford another one?" But as my very good friend puts it so perfectly I wont be 80 years old and regretting that I didn't have that fourth child that I always wanted because I didn't know where to fit him/her or because money will be tight for a little while longer...no I will be enjoying my grandchildren and telling them stories about their mommy or daddy and all the crazy fun times we had together in our humble little home.
This pregnancy has been easy so far I just have a long list of do not eat because I get crazy heartburn...But that's understanding especially when you try to mix mashed potatoes with butter and cheese and decided that blazzin' Buffalo chips would be fantastic crushed up ontop of the mashed potato and don't forget the sour cream too...yeah that's on the do not eat list!!! We were able to hear the heartbeat at 10 weeks as well what a beautiful and reassuring sound of this precious little gift growing inside... Thank you Lord for yet another blessing in our lives!!
So this post was going to be about Christmas pictures but I forgot that I didn't mention on my blog that I was having another little one. We actually waited to tell our family as well because we wanted it to be around Thanksgiving but it ended up being a week before Thanksgiving because my brother-in-law notices when you gain or loose 2 pounds right away and every week he would mention something so I knew he was catching on...so we went over to my parents house for dinner and my in-laws we're also there and we had Jameson wear a shirt that said future big brother....sounds cute right..well it would have been if everyone caught on but my parents just thought it must have been a salvation army shirt they thought nothing of it and my in-laws are oblivious to everything so at the end of the night we didn't know what to do because we thought for sure SOMEONE would have caught on so I took a verbal poll "How many people noticed Jameson's new shirt??"" cricket cricket...then my dad said he noticed but figured it was a salvation army shirt...lol It was a funny night but I'm glad the cat is out of the bag now so I don't have to worry so much about wearing shirts to try to hide my little growing bump :-)
This was going to be a post about all the elfing that has been going around the house but I then realized that I didn't mention that we have another on the way, so i promise that my next post I will write about our Christams gifts that we have finished in the past few weeks.

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