Friday, December 30, 2011

My 2012 list

So I love lists, it just feels so good to cross things off your list plus I believe it helps to keep me focused on the things I want to accomplish. I tend to be a little whimsical and flitty and find myself far from the track sometimes. I have to admit my list is usually lost after a week, or the kids have colored on it or spilt something on it..but just putting it down on paper is a great start!!

So here goes my 2012 list
  • Make my own soap (not the melt and pour kind)
  • Make my own herbal shampoo
  • Go to church more regularly
  • Have another natural VBAC baby (due June 1st)
  • Garden more this summer (I'd like to expand my herbal garden as well)
  • Get a few more chickens to raise
  • Expand my knitting knowledge and learn to use those needles that are connected
  • Try to Simplify my house more
  • Can and preserve much more then I did this past year
This post was inspired by little homestead in the desert who also has some great goals for the new year!


  1. i'm a list lover too! chickens are so so much fun to raise. we had some a few years ago and they were a hoot. i am looking forward to a day when we can have some again.

  2. Thanks for the link up! Congrats on the new baby to come!I like your list of things to do and this it is something your can really accomplish. You have a great blog name as well. :)


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