Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Newest baby blessing...

Heading to the ultrasound right in 1/2 an hour to get a peak at our little one..hehe I will post pictures as soon as I get home...I am so excited I just couldn't wait to tell you all!!
Well all went well today at my ultrasound and my midwife visit. My prayers were answered and my placenta was in a good spot (no placenta previa), as well as the baby being healthy. I really wanted a DRAMA free visit, I would be fine with one maybe two midwife visits throughout the whole pregnancy....the first one would be "Yup there's a baby in there" and the second would be "Yup she's growing good... and we'll see you when she'd ready" but instead they check your pee, your weight, your belly size and then ask the same questions every visit... "I noticed you haven't had your quad screening for down syndrome, when did you want to schedule that?" I'm guessing not very many people turn down this test, because the of the silly look I get when I say I've refused it. What happened to the days when women could just carry a baby and it wasn't turned into a medical drama, it was just a part of life. I have to say I look at birthing babies in a completely different way then when I did 8 years ago with our first, of course I was only 19 and I just assumed labor was like the movies, you lie down with your legs up in the air and out popped a baby after 10 min of pushing, and of course the doctors were on your side they wanted you to have a wonderful natural birth.... WELL THAT IS CERTAINLY NOT THE CASE in America. It's such a medical emergency and wow do those doctors LOVE to throw in some drama!!
With this pregnancy I really hope to have my second VBA2C baby, although it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life it was the most rewarding. I'll never forget the rush of emotions that came over me after Jameson was born, I swear I heard angels sing at that moment! My hopes with this baby are to stay home longer, although my dream would be to have a home birth money just cant stretch to that dream. So instead I would like to stay home for much longer and be in a more comfortable setting especially because as soon as I get to the hospital they need to attach a fetal monitor as well as start an iv in my hand if fluids need to be administered (which is such a pain in the butt all because I had 2 c-sections before) oh well it is what it is... if interested in my first VBA2C here is that post, just be warned it's a long post!!

And now drum roll please.....
introducing our newest member of the family and it's Girl, I'm still in shock I was sure she was a he, I just assumed I was right with my other three I must be right with this one but life sure throws curve balls at you!! lol

These are both profile pictures and her head is pressed against my placenta, and in the second picture you can see her littlefist under her chin.


  1. A little girl! Congratulations!!

    Spiritual Midwifery is my all-time favorite book. :) And I too was a teen the first time I gave birth (17 yrs old). I naively gave the hospital staff all the power. We've come so far!

  2. .....what I meant was "you and I have come so far since then". ;)

  3. Yes I think the biggest thing I've learned it to educate myself about labor and delivery and to not assume that doctor's are on my side. Yes Aubrey we've come along way for sure!


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