Thursday, January 5, 2012

My new custom made spice rack

So last week I started cleaning out my cooking cupboards because they were so bad. They had gotten to the point where my husband would throw things in it and just shut the door quickly so he didn't have to deal will the mess...yeah I know it was pretty sad!! So here are the before and after pictures of the second shelf i tackled, as well as the beautiful spice rack that my husband made to fit the jars that I found.

After.... I was able to also add all my teas on the bottom shelf where before I had to drag out a chair and reach them on the top shelf. I know it looks a little cluttery on that bottom shelf but all the spices on the left are just back up for the spices in the spice rack.

And my new spice rack that I LOVE so much!!!

I know it clashes with the bright red trim but I'm also hoping to paint the trip VERY soon...I am looking more for a country red color rather then a red hot chilli pepper color. lol

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