Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stash Bash/ keep calm craft on

I want to first start off by saying thank you thank you thank you so much http://crunchycatholicmomma for such an ingenious idea as a stash bash because I know I am a big collector of crafts...I always have big big plans for everything I buy but then time steps in the way. I also want to thank frontierdreams for her link up of Keep calm craft on..because that is exactly what crafting does for me!! So check out both of these mama's blogs for wonderful crafting inspiration:)
Here's a couple of pictures of my stash..but trust me I have a lot more...hehe
I like to call my self creatively distracted...aka a messy crafter as you can clearly see from my fabric stash...
and this is just one of my three basket collections of yarn...
I also like to collect patterns and as my own personal goal I'm going to TRY to not buy any new patterns...wait let me just add this to the goal....I will try not to buy any new patterns at least until the spring catalog comes

This is my stash bash for this week...I was down to crunch time because I just realize yesterday that today would be stash bash day so I made a dress for my daughter...who only has two that I made her for this season..(I really thought I made more) so she was very I had extra horse fabric so my son requested more clothes for his doll I made him for Christmas this year.. I think that will be my stash bash for next week...(doll clothes)

Here is my fabric stash that I'm going to use up..

And here is the "bash"...Caila's new winter horses dress, and as you can see from her big was a big hit!!


  1. I've made my granddaughter a similar style dress and they come out so cute! Love the horse fabric and your daughter is adorable.
    Thanks for visiting On Woodland Road! Keep stash busting - I'm the same as you! lol

  2. I have that pattern too!!!! I was supposed to make it last Easter lol. LOVE the way it came out. You did an awesome job!!! Thanks for inspiring me and joining me in the Stash Bash.

  3. I want to dive into your stash!! it looks so fab and how gorgeous is that dress! well done you! I love making dolls clothes too :-)

  4. I love that dress!! What pattern was it? I need to also do a stash buster!!!

  5. I love this pattern because you don't need any notions so it's so simple to sew together it takes me about an hour to wip up.
    Nicole Elizabeth the pattern is Simplicity #2171 and goes from sizes 3-8 another bonus about this pattern!!
    Laura I have to agree doll clothes are fun to make!!

  6. That dress is adorable!!! Love th blue!

    My problem is that I have the fabric stash but no patterns!!

  7. That is cute; look at how happy she is! Love the horses.
    Anh (peach coglo)


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