Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

Today was my husbands 27th's shocking to write that never mind even thinking our heads we are still eighteen. I think when you start having children it's so much about them and trying not to loose a second of them growing up...that you don't pay any attention to the fact that your also getting older. So we spent the morning making homemade waffles for daddy and greeted him in bed after we let him sleep in (for as long as the kids could handle it which was 9:00) we gave our special hugs and kisses and homemade cards and gifts.
My hubby then had to go to the dentist because he's been having major pain in his back teeth/jaw, so while he was gone we did our schooling. He came back with the predictable news of needing a root canal (this will be his fourth) and he also has 3 cavities and his wisdom teeth don't look good either. Nothing like getting good news on your birthday ha?? You'd think he hasn't been to the dentist in years but nope it's been the usual 6 months not to mention he is by the book when he brushes and flosses his teeth DAILY.... I can't honestly say I floss daily.,,my poor hubby he's such a trooper about it too I think because he's just so used to it.
Well anyway after that bad news we decided to go on a family outing and he's been really wanting to go to the New England air museum, so we did just that and had a great time... (plus it was a perfect intro to an Amelia Earhart unit study that I was already planning on doing for school next week. It felt good to get out of the house the kids have a touch of cabin fever.

Here are some pictures from the air museum. My son Ricky also wanted me to mention his jacket that he made sure to wear special for the visit because it's his bomber jacket that he loves so much, Jameson also had his on, they were bought special from their Poppy. Ricky actually picked out a patch to add to his bomber's the small things in life that excite kids!!

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  1. Looks like a great birthday outing! My husband would have loved that too--he's into planes in a big way.

    We are 35 and 33 now, and still feel like we are 18, too. I don't think that ever changes - my grandmother is 93 and she has told me the same thing! :)


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