Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stash Bash

So I have so many little balls of peaches and cream cotton yarn lying all over my house so I figured what better way to get rid of it then new dish cloths which i need desperately anyway.. I figured it was a good excuse to practice my crocheting as well since I just learned...
So here are a couple and one cloth that's on the needles right now. (sorry the picture isn't that great I had to use my phone camera since I dropped my camera and it's waiting to be brought into the camera shop for some well needed TLC)

I also finished the take home dress I was making for baby #4 (Annabelle Grace)due May31st. This was a big knitting accomplishment for me because it's my first knitting project in the round so I am very proud of it!!! Plus I had to learn how to make button holes another first for me!!
So please come join us at for another week of stash's so much fun and exciting to see all these projects that were on my list getting crossed off!! I also found another stash busting blog that you can link up to at the creatingafamilyhome blog.


  1. Wow, you got LOTS done this week. The dress for your little blessing is very sweet. Thanks for joining me in the Stash Bash. Tricia

  2. Great job- you are definitely making some great progress busting your stash!

  3. Oh, I love the take home dress you made for the new baby!! So sweet!

  4. What an absolutly beautiful little dress!
    I love the happy colours of the dish cloths!!!

  5. Yeah for learning some new skills. I've really enjoyed knitting more and more as I learn new techniques and stitches, etc.


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