Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yarn Along

So last week my very good friend got a wonderful gift from her husband to go to a hotel for the night PLUS she was also able to take me!! What a memorable night thought we would just craft and watch the lifetime movie network....we were both really excited to watch cable because we both have been without it for a couple of years now...well it turns out we aren't missing much at all!!! So instead we spent the night chatting and crafting oh how wonderful it was. The next morning we were able to have breakfast in bed and sleep in (our idea of sleeping in was 8:30 lol) Then we went to a yarn shop that made our heads was so wonderful we spent 3 and a half hours there. All the colors were so beautiful I wanted to feel every soft skein. I was on the hunt for cotton yarn to make baby #4 (Annabelle) a sweet little dress to take her home in. I also got some other yarn for a few other projects I have had in the back of my mind.
So I found some beautiful yarn and I've been working on her dress very diligently. This is also my first project using circular needles, and although it took me about 45min to connect the two sides together (I spent most of my time on youtube watching many ways of connecting them but finally got it) It's been easy so far I'm just a little nervous about adding the bodice part of the dress but I will post pictures of it complete when I finish it!!
Drum roll please as this is a very big step for me in the knitting world.....

This is the pattern I've been following from ravelry.
You'll also notice that I'm also reading Above Rubies magazine My friend just introduced me to this magazine and I love it so much, the stories and families are just so inspiring!!
Thanks for stopping by to my second Yarn along post...hosted by Ginny over at Small things.


  1. The dress is so sweet! It looks like you have been knitting for ages, your knitting skills are wonderful!

  2. I love your yarn! It is so pretty :) Great job so far!

  3. The little dress looks great. Youtube is very helpful. :)

  4. oh you lucky girl a night of crafting, breakfast in bed and a yarn shop without kiddos!!! So glad you were Blessed with such a gift.

  5. Your dress looks like it is coming along nicely. I like the colors. I also enjoy the Above Rubies magazine.

  6. Oh how I adore Above Rubies. I get so excited every time one comes, I can't wait to eat it up from cover to cover. SoooOo inspiring and sweet!

  7. So glad you have found out about the Above Rubies magazine! I love it as well! It's a wonderful blessing to read...for mothers! :)


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