Friday, February 3, 2012

Cookie making day

Today we decided to surprise daddy and make some oatmeal chocolate chip's his very favorite. I think it's so wonderful how excited children get when it's baking time, they all come running into the kitchen and start getting their aprons on...Caila runs to get her stool and they are all ears for what's on the baking menu for that day, and Jameson just runs around the kitchen yelling "I cook...I cook" come to think of it I will have to make him an apron soon too...maybe for his birthday (March) I'll make a tractor one!! I'll just add it to my ever growing list of crafts to get much crafting so little time!!

Nothing like the smell of fresh baked cookies for when daddy comes home from work:)

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  1. My son loves baking too! Your kids look like they were having a great time :-)

    I have a linky for sharing what you bake with your children if you would like to share,

    Warmly, Kelly


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