Monday, June 25, 2012

~The color Green~

I had to add that Sassy M&M gal..hehe

Our Fairy garden this year
 A knitted wool hat I made Jameson this past winter... but it fit Caila better
 A beautiful spice rack and a perfect paint rack that my husband made me
  My little flower child is always around the color green as she flits around the yard picking flowers for our kitchen table almost every day.

 This is another wood project that my husband's a box for Caila's crayon's and color pencils because whe likes to doodle in her bed before she goes to sleep.
 This top picture is Jameson as a turtle for his first Halloween. The picture below is Jameson getting a bath while we're camping.

 The top picture is our homemade advent candles and the picture below is our homemade compost barrel that I had painted green.

 This last picture is a gift that little Rick made his Daddy for father's's him and his Daddy catching frogs by the brook.
 What is green to me..Well for starters it's one of my very favorite colors. I love earthy colors so much but I do believe green is my favorite. I we all have a strong connection with this's a color that around us all year long...It's the shoots that sprout up in the springtime to tell us that Jack frost has gone to sleep, it's plush grass that we lay on under in the summer, it's the color of the mum's that we decorate our harvest home in the autumn months, or  it's the evergreen trees that are alive and well in those bitter cold winter months. 
  I have so many fond memories that go with the color green as well. So many precious moments I've had with my children that involve the color green. I build fairy houses with plush green moss and chain the green stems of summer flowers to make wreaths for my daughter hair, or my son gets all dressed up in his camo  green clothes and we having nerf gun wars, or it's the beautiful gifts my husband builds me and lovingly stains them in a rich green color knowing it's one of my favorites. He's even planning on painting my vanagon a bright look at me green color in the next few years!!
When I think of the word green I also think of it as an action...I try to live and teach my kids to live green as well. 
Well that's enough of my mushy thoughts about green. Today's post is linked up with SisterSun
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 I will leave you with another Cold Play song this week...


  1. Lovely selection of greenery. Thanks for your comments on mine. I do appreciate your visit.

  2. Is your fairy garden/house outside? What materials is it made of to withstand the elements??


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