Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby Bonnet Love

With summer here now I knew little Annabelle was going to need some sun protection especially with that fair skin. So I started to look on etsy for prairie bonnets and loved so many of the handmade bonnets but they were out of my price range so instead I looked for a pattern and found this one but the size was for 1-3 year old and I needed  a pattern for a 1 month old so I cut the pattern way down and yeah it fits perfect and looks so cute on my little lady. So far I've made one in a blue daisy print fabric and a second one in a purple calico print,

 The last one I'm working on is a pink floral print...and to think I made all of these out of scrap fabric in my stash and only paid $4.99 for the pattern...and to think I almost spent $20+ on one bonnet.
Here's Annabelle showing off her new bonnets.

Linking up today with Nicole's blog over at Frontierdreams and her weekly keep calm craft on. So please go check out her blog and all the other crafty link up's!! 
Have a beautiful Tuesday,


  1. Lovely bonnets!
    In response to your raspberry question, I think it depends what kind of canes you have. Mine bear fruit on the two year old canes and not on the one year old canes. After they fruit the second year, I cut down all the 2 year old canes and leave the new ones to bear fruit the second year. Usually, I wait until after winter because it is easier to tell them apart (I cut all the brown ones and leave all the green) but this year I think I will do it right away and see if they have a better chance.
    Good luck with your patch...it doesn't take long to get a big patch. I started with 8 canes about 5 or 6 years ago and have been giving a lot away every year.

  2. What sweet bonnets! I love Frontier Dreams, too (and I'm on MOMYS, too). Blessings!

  3. YOur baby looks so adorable in that bonnet!!


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