Monday, June 11, 2012

Treasured times together...

Oh the laundry I do in a day...Not only do I have an over load of diapers between Jameson and Annabelle but even my clothes need to be washed more frequently these see it first starts with me nursing Annabelle then (trying to burp her) but only ending up changing my shirt for the third time that day because my little munchkin has yet again missed the burp cloth and spit up on my shirt, and then my poor little Annabelle gets the hiccup's  because she didn't burp yet again. 
Although my days may be kinda boring to some people I really believe I'm living the full life God intended me to have. I enjoy these simple days of nursing while I read a chapter from Little house in the big woods, or knitting outside while I watch the kids swing to the sky, these are the days that count. Oh how I treasure these lazy days of laundry and nursing and building fairy houses because I know in my heart that my babies wont be babies forever.... they are growing up too quick and as much as I tell them to stop growing they just won't listen to
My littlest is one month today and I'm just not ready to accept that one whole month ago she was making her way into this world. She came when SHE was ready and even though she came almost 3 weeks early she has amazed every day since.
 (Here she's moments old)
 I love it so much when I put Annabelle over my shoulder to burp her and she just nestles her head right into my neck like two puzzle pieces that fit so perfectly together. She loves to be held and snuggled and her favorite place to be is in my wrap  tucked away from the world as if still in my womb. She's got the sweetest "gas" smiles I've ever seen that they practically bring me to tear every time, 
And oh those toes  they were just begging for me to paint them:)
And there's nothing more sweet then a baby finding her thumb for the first time..
and it melts my heart to see her siblings just eating her up

Happy one month my sweet little baby Annabelle...


  1. your baby is beautiful and they sound like perfectly wonderful days!

  2. What lovely days...I miss nursing.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"


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