Monday, June 18, 2012


 Our first round of baby chicks last spring
 A Yarn along post of an audio book that I was listening to.
 Preparing a sunflower/calendula bath to dye some wool for Caila's waldorf doll for her birthday last November.
 Rick's Egyptian unit study for school

 Baby Jameson's yellow little blanket
 Knitting a corn on the cob
 Yummy baked goods during the winter months.
 Warm toasty fire during the long chilly month of January
 Lemonade stand to raise money for the local animal shelter.

Today I'm joining in with Sister Sun's blog for the first time focusing on the color yellow from past blog posts....I saw it last week and though it sounded like so much fun!!
Although yellow is not my favorite color I can see how it can be very special to alot of bright and cheerful. Yellow can be so many things it can be a warn fire on a crisp autumn night, or it can be the refreshing taste of homemade lemonade on a hot summer day. When I think of yellow I think about the giant  sunflowers that grow in my back yard..I love to see them grow each day from my kitchen window. I watch them blowing in the summer breeze as they warm their bright yellow pedals by the sunlight...nothing says summer more then that!! So yellow might not be my very favorite color I do have fond memories of yellow as I look as some of my old blog posts. 
And with that I will leave you with a favorite cold play song about yellow.. ( you might have to stop my music on the side bar to listen to cold play)

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  1. Hi there fairyluver- at last I have a bit of time to pop over and have a peek at your yellow pics! Thankyou for the music .....there's been a few songs happening this time round which is great!
    Love your pics but the one that stood out the most was the one with Ina Mays book!! I LOVE that book and have a very old battered copy on my shelf!
    Great that you' ve joined in, hope to see your green ones next week!


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