Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reusable snack bags

A while back I made the kids some reusable velcro bags because I was just so sick of spending money on zip lock bags (those things aren't cheap either) Since then we haven't bought a single box of zip lock bags but at the same time my stash of handmade velcro bags had been given away or misplaced and I was down to only two bags. So I've been wanting to set some time aside to replenish our stash especially because we use these a lot during the summer months on our picnics and I use them when packing the kids snacks for their summer day camps.  next week.
So yesterday I started Ricky on his end of the year test for school early so I could have all afternoon open to sew.. It was all meant to be...Rick finished 2 more sections of his test, I got Annabelle and Jameson down for a nap, and Rick and Caila went outside to play so it was just me and my sewing machine!!

 I decided to change the pattern of these bags as well because my old ones we kinda sloppy and they were a little tricky to clean because the lining was sewn right in the bag. I'm so happy I changed it because I can pull out the lining on these new one so cleaning should be a breeze plus they were much easier to sew up I didn't mind working with the PUL fabric ( this is the same fabric that I cursed out when making diapers because it's just so grippy...oh what a headache diaper making was more me)
I absolutely LOVE this new way to make these cute bags plus I love the extra feature of gussets so they can stand up on their own.Here is a picture of the stash that I made yesterday... and the best part is everything I needed for this project was from my stash a lot of it was from my diaper making days (especially since I only made two diapers and decided it wasn't worth my time..or the headache that came with it)  I had still had lots of PUL left over which I used for the inner lining to these bags and I had  velcro left over and you've seen my fabric stash. So honestly this was the perfect stash bashing project plus it feels good to knock off another project on my list that needed to get done. I do have a little confession to make though....I'm not sure if you other crafters out there take glory in the things that you make for your family but I personally love seeing my kids use the things I make for them and I'm sorry to admit it but I get a  small high when the kids get compliments about their homemade stuff from strangers and they lovingly reply "My mommy made it for me" oh how I eat that stuff up..

 I'm linking this post up with Tricia over at (Crunchy Catholic Momma).  She hosts a stash bashing link up every week so please hop over to her blog and get inspired by lots of very crafty blogs and they use up their stash for crafting goodness:)
I'm also linking up with Linda over at NaturalSuburbia for creative Friday.. You will find boat loads of wonderful creative ideas and inspiration on her blog!!


  1. These are great! I love all the reusable supplies you are making lately ~ such a good idea :-) If you ever feel like doing a swap, let me know!

  2. I love this idea! I've seen many variations on them, and have been itching to try making a few...

  3. So cute!!! Love the bags, they are perfection. Did you come up with the pattern? I too need to make new ones and love the gusset, mine are 8 years old : ( Love the fabrics you used. Hope to see you next week again at the Stash Bash.

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