Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yarn Along

Hitching up with Ginny and many other wonderfully talented knitters with a Yarn Along Wednesday. I haven't started any big knitting projects this week...I've been knitting a little bit here but this week but I also have been working on these unpaper paper towels, and usually when my sewing machine comes out everyone starts lining up for sewing projects that they want mommy to make or clothes that need to be mended...oh how the list never ends, but I don't mind because honestly sewing was my first crafting love..I received my sewing machine 10 years ago as a going away gift from my grandparents (I had just signed up for the air force..which I had to get out of because I became pregnant with my first son...I guess God had bigger plans for me:)) So no I don't mind sewing....but enough of me talking about sewing this is suppost to be a knitting 
So this week I've been trying to finish Caila's poncho and the end is so near. I only have a few more inches on the hood to knit (the patterns hood was a bit small so I'm making it much bigger) and then I just need to add a drawstring with some pom pom at the end and it will be complete. 
I also cast on a couple of cotton dish cloths for my mother in law who's been begging me to make her more. I had made her a couple for Christmas and she's been raving about them to anyone who will listen to her.

 I've been reading Little House in the Big Woods to the kids as well. We only have 2 more chapters left and are excited to start the next book on our list...Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski. especially since it's strawberry season around here. 
Well thanks so much for popping by and happy knitting to you all!


  1. Wow! That is an amazing rainbow of colors! (:

  2. Such a great shawl. I made a sweater vest out of the same yarn for my daughter. She wore it a lot when it was cooler ( ). I think a mystery shawl would be fine for you. You just need to know how to increase and do YOs for this one.


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