Sunday, July 8, 2012

Annabelle's Tree

Today we spent the morning doodling and writing well wishes for our little Annabelle on some cotton fabric because it was tree planting day.
I finally picked the perfect tree for's called a Lavendar twist redbud . it's this really cool twisty whimsical looking tree that blooms in the springtime...just like she did...

So Daddy dug a giant hole and we placed my placenta on the bottom. The circle of placenta fed and  nurtured Annabelle for almost 9 months...and now it will feed and nurture Annabelle's special tree for many years to come. 
Some may not understand the "placenta thing" but to me it's this special circular shaped organ that connected me to Annabelle and Annabelle to me again it's the circle of life.

 Rick and Caila watering Annabelle's tree with her leftover bath water...
I know I'm a big cornball about this circle of life thing but I truly believe that we are all connected to each other and if we just slow down to take things in.we will find that were more connected to the earth then we think. 
Annabelle next to her tree with her well wishes blowing from the branches. 
Happy tree day Annabelle we love you so much!!!
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  1. Beautiful post!

    ps I love the music on your site, I've had it playing in the kitchen for over 20 minutes...haha!

  2. She's adorable, and I think that planting a tree for her is an amazing idea!

  3. What a special and beautiful celebration, so meaningful! Ans love that you shared with us x


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