Monday, July 16, 2012


Today I have three hours to myself because the big kids are off to horseback day camp this morning. So I was on a mission to clean house!! The kids just got over a little summer bug and the house of course was a mess from me running to this child and then that one while nursing this Lets just say that my last week was a blur!! 
Well after dropping off the kids I run house to tuck the two little ones in for their nap. I then look around the house at all the messes all over...the never ending messes that I clean up or the messing floor that  I must sweep 3 times a day. But in all of my cluttered thoughts of how I'm going to clean all of this mess I find this..
A little bear picnic... talk about melting your heart. All of my frantic thought float away and I go on this hunt for more little secret play stations where the kids left their "messes"  and sure enough find more...
 It looks like a lego island
 It looks like Ricky finished his fairy playground in the wood shop and put it in the backyard
 And it looks like Jameson was playing in the sandbox...I can tell it was Jameson in the sandbox because of the "fluff" he left behind, and yes that would be wool rovings. Jameson discovered a love for wool when he was very little and I was into needle felting he usually rubs it against his cheek to sooth himself until he eventually felts it and then it becomes "yucky fluff" and as you can see from this picture it's pretty close to becoming "yucky fluff"
I also find a left over snack that someone didn't finish.

All these little "messes" around the house are sometimes....yes exhausting to clean up time and time again. But at the same time it's nice to just STOP and remember these things around the house like little muncher prints on the windows, or bear picnics in the living room, because soon enough they will be to old for legos (although my husband still plays with them) and they will be into big kid stuff. I try to remember that yes day's are sometime long but you know what the years are VERY short and the quicker they grow the faster the time flies never mind the house today....and just have fun enjoying your children's magic that they create in their playtime:)

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