Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just us girls

     So I will openly admit that "I am NOT a morning person at all" everyone who knows me has seen the wrath of Jenn when she wakes up and quite frankly I think I may have scared them at least once or twice. I wish I could be one of those homemakers that gleefully gets up before Mr. Sun even peaks over the horizon...but instead I'm the mom half asleep in bed with my boob still hanging out from feeding the baby an hour ago. It's not a pretty picture thats for sure!!!
I usually roll out of bed around 6:30-7:00 but don't let the time fool you it's only because Jameson my two year old has woken up and wants breakfast right away...if I had it my way I think I would love to sleep till 8:00 how glorious that day would be!! It's  really my own fault because I'm a night owl...I stay up way to late crafting because I can get SO much more done without "little interruptions"  and I end up loosing track of time because I'm making so much progress on whatever craft I was working on...I talk to myself a lot at night too...I'm always telling myself... "I'll go to bed right after this cut" or "Let me just finish this row of knitting"...and 10 rows later or when the dress is complete for Caila then I finally drag myself to bed.

Anyway I do enjoy one morning chore and that's our girl time together folding and hanging the new round of laundry on our new clothesline I usually have Annabelle in the wrap and Caila's by my side...it's her favorite chore too.
 My little homemaker in training...with a little silliness added to our morning routine too :)

 It's my favorite time because we get to stop and listen to all the morning noises of the birds singing, and our very noisy chickens as they lay their eggs for the day, or the neighbors dog chasing the neighborhood squirrels. 
We get to have our special time together, just us girls. We chat about our plans for the day/week, or we humm a little song together, 
I really like the song book "This is the way we wash-a-day
as well as"The singing day"
it has so many songs for everyday chores.

 Sometimes we just talk about special girl stuff like what she should dress Amy her dolly in for the day, or when are we going to plan another day that she and Annabelle can match their outfits.This really is a special time we share and it means so much more knowing that Caila enjoys it just as much as I do!

(Photos are courtesy of Rick my eight year old photographer and
please don't mind our morning bedhead and pea eyes this is still about 7:00 in the morning.


  1. I should be out there at 7 hanging my clothes! Great idea! Your sweetie with the bedhead is adorable!

  2. What a fun time to spend together!


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