Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My new rainbow clothesline

My husband is so wonderful he's always making  me surprises and adding handy little things around the house. Last week My dinky little wooden clothes rack got destroyed in a wind storm we had last week...it was the weirdest thing it was so windy it felt like we were at the beach. It was diaper day (big surprise there) so I put the diapers on my rack and headed out to do a few errands...when we came back my diapers and wipes were scattered about the yard and my rack was really broken...
So he made me a new one that can't break... Notice he painted it in rainbow colors for me..I think I was more excited about that then the actual line itself..hehe

First load of laundry on my new rack...I love this thing so much!!!


  1. What a wonderful hubby you have ~ and a rainbow!! Just lovely :-)


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