Monday, July 2, 2012

What summertime picnics are made of...

Nothing is better then hanging out with family and enjoying each other company. We had such a wonderful day yesterday over my parents house with my in-laws, and brother-in-law, and uncle for summertime cookout. 
The kids spent most of the day in the pool cooling off with their daddy. 

 Of course you can't play in the pool without a water starts with something like this..
and then water guns are found and played with for a while but happens next is what separates our family from regular family water fights ...
If you don't quite know what's happening in this picture it's my little rick getting sprayed with a power washer by his Poppy (my dad)...yup that's my crazy family makin' great memories and lots of laughs.

And a pool day can't be complete without cannonballs and dives.

And Oh such sweet snuggles with grandma.

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