Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainbow silk wings

I'm even more in love with silks...

I have always loved tie dying in fact we host a yearly tie dying party with our friends. I've only ever used cotton to dye until I had motive. You see we have a birthday party to go to next week so my husband and I usually start thinking about what we're going to make... We started hand making everyone gifts about two years ago and never looked back...WE LOVE IT. It so great to see there faces when they know it's a homemade gift and we hope that the children will learn that they can make anything too, and that those big box stores aren't worth the money.
 So anyway I wanted to make some silk fairy wings for this little girls upcoming birthday and of course my husband wants to be a part of the gift making train so he's going to make a wooden fairy wand with satin streamers. (I'll have to post his part of the gift another time since he haven't started it yet)

First I started with  square silks and dyed them (I have two sister's who's  birthday party is in September so I'm actually making 3 at a time) I absolutely LOVE the way the colors runs into each other with silk and they come out so bright and vibrant I am even more in love with silk today then I was before...I want to make tons of them and just hang them all over my house (I just love rainbows so much...I think they put a smile on anyone's face))

SO here's the dyed silks...

 This last picture was just an extra silk scarf that I had around the house so I figured I would dye it and throw it in my shop for a nature table runner. 

The next step to making fairy wings is to fold and iron the square in half and make a running stitch on both side of the folded line. Gather the silk with the thread from the running stitches and sew  a piece of either satin ribbon or in my case I just used satin fabric because I couldn't find ribbon in the colors I needed. 
Next you can add ribbon to the top corners of the square to go around the child's wrist and I also added elastic for the upper arms I thought elastic would stretch nicely around the girl's clothes easier.
And that's it your done...Here is one of the three finished products, it's my favorite because it's rainbow...

 I actually ordered a couple more silks to add to my etsy shop  in the next week or so because they are just so much fun to make!!

Caila was more then happy to model my newest creation!! 
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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your tie dye is absolutely beautiful!! My friends and I have a summer tie dye party too, we absolutely live in tie dye around here :) So glad to have found you here!

  2. This is a great idea! I hope to pull something like this off for my little ones and maybe some for gifts too!

  3. How fun! I love the silk wings, they are beautiful.

  4. Your wings are just gorgeous! Those look better than the ones for sale (and we bought some).

  5. Oh wonderful! I dye silks for us, gifts and have even sold a few... but these wings are beautiful!!

    My babymoon has a little special request sewing going on.. http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/07/crafting-along-with-needle-and-thread_19.html

  6. PS..... I am now following your blog... come visit mine!

  7. What a beautiful, absolutely fantastic idea!!! I love it! :)

  8. Where do you get the silks you work with???

  9. So beautiful, it looks like a great present idea.


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