Friday, August 10, 2012

Our week in a nutshell

Busy busy so so busy I've been crafting up a storm this week. I sewed  a matching dress for my daughter and a matching one for my doula's daughter.
I love this fabric so much it's got tree rings and mushrooms and sweet flower buds and I always have to add pockets for special little trinkets and treasures :) I already found a rock and a wilted flower in caila's pocket while doing the wash  
This fabric is so bright and vibrant it's caila's newest favorite dress...she loves the pants and wants all of her pants to have a ruffled bottom.

I love love love the way they both came out and I yet again fell in love with sewing dresses it's one of my favorite projects to sew. Although I've been doing some MAJOR hinting to my hubby about getting a serger so I can have a more finished look on the inside of my dresses, instead of a zigzagged raw edge. 

I've also been working on a couple of customl orders for my etsy shop for a few people,  I actually figured out how to make printed tags because a customer wanted a name on the snack bags she was ordering for her son who's in daycare . I like the way they came out and I'm thinking about adding a homemade tag to my stuff too. Still not sure about it though??

I"ve also been knitting a bit here and there I'm in the middle of making a cute little wool octopus. It looks like a big mess now but it does come out really cute when it's done.
I also just finished a bag for my husbands MP3 player. We both don't like the radio that much it's always the same songs that they drill into your head or they just gab gab gab so this year we bought eachother a MP3 player and just loaded it up with cd's that we borrowed from the library. It's so awesome!!! 
So here's Rick's bag I just have to run it through the wash a few times to it will felt up...I used this pattern 
So I've been pretty busy crafting not to mention reading to the kids, going to a Beatles tribute band concert with the kids and friends, some Operations involving a silly bone being removed, walks with the kids, 
harvesting the garden in a sun shower...

and lots of pool swimming time with the kids. 

After all that playing the kids have been dropping like flies and this is what I've been finding around the house...

Although Annabelle seems to be able to keep up with all the action around here...
Have a great weekend :)


  1. Looks like a terrific week. I love that you added the pockets, my girls are very big on pockets.

  2. How cute, I love it all!! The baby is just gorgeous!! How big she is already, wow! They all look so happy, loved and beautiful, Jenn.

    BTW, I LOVE that Superman fabric! I may need to order some of these for my 3! Love the country roll of 12 snapping towels in your shop, too. If you ever make a roll of 24 in that pattern let me know!

    PS Are you guys going to the Big E this year? If at all possible, I am trying to get down there this year! Please let me know if you plan to go and when. Love you guys!


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