Friday, September 28, 2012

Semtember's happenings...

"Everyday we need something to do, something to love, something worthwhile to think about."
 Karen Andreola, 
Pocketfull of Pinecones

So we've been busy these days settling nicely into our rhythem of everyday life durring the school year. The kids are still enjoying their worbox system and I am too!! I finally get to dust off all those file folder games, and fun brain teaser games,  as well as $1 store puzzles that are sometimes forgotten about. The kids are also apart of  a few extra activities such as boy scouts, and gymnastics (Caila also wants to start up in girl scouts as well) 
Rick has his first project that he had to represent infront of his boy scout troop. The project was asking the kids why America is great. So of course I made it into a bigger project then it had to be ( the way I saw it was a history study know the saying "two stone" kind of thing. So we discused our rights as Americans and then I had him pick one of our rights ( he picked freedom of speech) So we talked about it and of course watched a bunch of youtube video's with riots, protests, and strikes. He then had to show me what he learned 
and this is what I got....

   Is that's not a project from a hippie child I don't know what 
It's a protest against off shore drilling.

Our homeschool stuff is also going well I love our system this year it's really help me to be more organized. I found the idea on pintrest of course and love it!!!
Here are a couple of our notebooking pages from this month...

We've been learning about farming...

And Caila has been learning about astronomy 
So far I'm happy with all of our curriculium everyone seems to be doing well. I am also so excited because I have this little reader who enjoys reading so much and has already read through the box of beginner reading books I got for her. After some serious hunting I found these books..
They are absolutely beautiful I bought them from a waldorf book supply/resource site  I love them so much I actually put another order in for books for my son here and they are on their way...(looks like I will be stalking the mail man for the next few

I've been busy myself with crafts and volunteering at our local fair at the la leche league booth. 
We took the kids to the fair this Monday and they of course had a blast!!!

I was able to get together with a very dear friend this month too!! So of course we had to sneak in a bit of crafting on our visit..hehe

 Here are the few crafts I've been working on this month...
This is a car seat blanket I made for an old high school friend who's expecting her first can find my notes and more pictures here if your interested...

I've also been trying to add a few more un-paper towels to my etsy shop
here are a couple I made/working on this month..

I've also been working on a few crafts for a Halloween swap

This week I'm starting a few more peg people for a fall nature table swap...I'll give you a clue what I'm making...
he says gobble gobble gobble!!! 
I'll post pictures next week when they are all done...

I also wanted to mention a new craft that I'm's an old craft called tatting. I made a new dear friend at the local fair she was nice enough to show me how and I'm in love!!! My mama wanted me to learn how so I could give her some pointers and show her how to especial since she LOVES lace!! You can find her blog here to see some of her glorious creations!!!
So far I've only made this butterfly but I think it's so cute...I'd like to dye my own yarn because I LOVE bright colors and multi color yarn. So that's on my to do list in the next few weeks...
(sorry the picture's not that great it was a cell photo picture and my phone is no fancy thing!!
I'll leave you with a picture of the haircut I gave myself this week...actually it's just the long bangs I cut thank you again youtube!!!...tell me what you think???

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