Monday, November 5, 2012

These fall days

          We've been busy enjoying these last few weeks of fall, and because of this I haven't been doing much blogging but it's been worth it because we did have many great Autumn days outside especially before Mr.Jack Frost comes a pulls his frosty blanket over the land. 
         I hope you all weathered Hurricane Sandy ok. This is a picture the night of the Hurricane. We had the boys sleep downstairs in Caila's room I am always so worried a tree will fall down on the house so they gad a camp out in her room (Please don't mind the GIANT pile of clothes in the corner of Caila's room I think she must have changed 5 times that day and of course made a mess of her We didn't really get much of anything besides high winds and rain.

 We were also happy because Halloween wasn't postponed like last year. This was the first year I didn't make all the kids costumes, actually we only made Rick's Lego guy. The others we got second hand because they were exactly what the kids wanted to be and I couldn't make them for the prices I bought them here's my Halloween crew

(She's growing out her hair. hehe)
Actually she was a sunflower
I've also been busy with  Birthday preparations.. tomorrow will be Caila's 7th birthday "gulp"and the 15th will be Rick's 9th Birthday "double gulp" 
Yesterday we had family yard clean up day, which is an all day affair because we have huge big old oak trees in our yard and leaf piles as deep as Jameson. 

Well I have to go to put little Annabelle and Jameson in for a nap but I'll be back in a few days to blog about a few swaps I'm working on as well as handmade gifts I've been crafting :) 
Have a lovely Monday!!
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  1. I love all of the fall stuff (well, except for maybe the hurricane!) That bonnet on the baby is just too adorable! I hope that you'll join me at my new link-up:

  2. That all looks good fun. I love the Lego outfit.

  3. I love the take on fall here! Do please come and join me over on Country Kids too, a lovely collection of outdoor photos.

  4. Looks like you are enjoying some gorgeous Autumn days :-) Glad to hear you were okay through Hurricane Sandy ok. The costumes are gorgeous, love the Lego man! And the photos of you are lovely x Thanks for sharing on Happy Family Times xx


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