Friday, March 21, 2008

First Field trip...

Well it's official Ricky and Caila had their first field trip!! They had so much fun even thought they were extreamly exausted. THey are still off on their scedual so they have been very tired!! But anyways they went to Big-Y for their was so fun they got to go in the back on the meet department and take a tour of how they package the meat. Then they went to the bakery and learned about baking and they used pastery bags to decorate their own cookie's..yummy!! Then they went to the pizza shop and made their own pizza... and while the pizza was cooking they had fresh sliced watermellon and a slice of cheese from the deli. They they did a scavenger hunt with fruits and veggi's. What a great fun filled time they had!!Their pizza was very yummy and or course their cookie was mouth watering.hehe After the sugar rush from the frosting was over they crashed so hard for a nap I don't think their heads hit the pillow before they had fallen asleep!!

I really like homeschooling but I am kinda bummed that I haven't found that family that we just click with and have similar view of homeschooling..but then again maybe I wont ever find that because there are so many different teaching techiques and reasons for homeschooling!! Well like I said before every day is an adventure and you never know what just around the corner!!

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  1. Field Trips are so fun!! I love being able to take my kids to fun and new places to explore! Love the photos! Thanks for sharing them. Have a beautiful day!


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