Friday, July 25, 2008

Currenty Crying.........

I'm so upset at this moment that I sent my hubby away because I was so annoyed at what just happened that I couldn't even explain why I was crying and screaming at the computer but here goes..

Ok I spent a whole day downloading all 450 pictures on before we left for our camping trip. I mean these were pictures from last chirstmas and the kids birthday,easter,camping vacation this spring... you may ask..why did you have so many pictures on your camera..well two years ago we got a computer virius and all my pictures were lost which was a whole summers worth when Caila was just an infant still and you know how valueable those pictures are because they are changing so quickly. So from then on decided to just download my pics on snapfish..that way they were always ready to order plus if my computer crashed it was ok because my pics were still safe!! So I did just that before vacation...and tonight I go to my account and they aren't you how upsetting that is.....I can't even begin to tell you how I feel righ now........I want to call someone there and yell at them but I can't which is a good instead I'm venting on here!!!


  1. Oh Jenn...that is so frustrating! Though I'm not computer savvy I am wondering if they might still be on your computer somewhere? Actually, I guess I need to ask...did you lose them, or just mad because you spent all the time putting them on snapfish? But if you've "lost" them, maybe they are still there somewhere that you could maybe retrieve them?

    I have a pile of pictures on my computer that I'm trying to get on Flickr, but as a back-up I have copied them all to CD AND I copied them all to my flashdrive. I just take my flashdrive to Walmart and print off my pictures there. But it's been time consuming getting them sent over to Flickr...trying to do a bit each day! :0)

    I checked the tracking on your parcel last still only says that it entered the US last Wednesday (July 16) and there is nothing new there. So I am assuming you have not received it yet...that makes me mad, stupid postal service. I guess I need to call them and find out where it is! I am so sorry that it is taking so shouldn't take this long!

    Let me know if you got it or not.

  2. ((((OH JENN)))) I AM FUMING for you! That is one of my fears when I am dealing with pics. I got a separate drive which I have locked in a safe now that I back my pics up onto. I have no idea what kind it is, Mike bought it for me but it's kind of large - a little bigger than an ipod and it holds a ton.

    I hope Julie is right and there is some way to retrieve them. I feel so bad, that is a huge loss with all you had on there. :(

  3. Jenn,
    450 pics shouldn't just vanish from your account. My guess is that they aren't lost but that there was just some data glitch that's preventing them from showing up when you view your account. Send me your login email (you can reach me at first.last @ and I'll get someone on finding them for you.

    Dean Cookson
    Director, Systems and Support Operations
    Snapfish, a service of hp.

  4. Jenn,
    Let me know if Snapfish is able to find your pics! I am impressed with that last comment of yours. I like snapfish a lot, but with the customer service I think I am seeing, I am going to like them a LOT more!

  5. Oh no! that's awful! I feel for you! It is so frustrating when things happen on the computer! Especially when it is something as special as photos!!! I hope you are well. I haven't heard from you on the book group. I hope you're other address worked. Let me know!


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