Saturday, February 20, 2010

All about Spelling

Well I've been on a mission trying to get together Rick's first grade curriculum before the baby comes. Although I have to admit I did buy alot of his first grade stuff last year. You see we use the Sonlight program and I had bought it all e-bay( I try to by used a tree:-)) so alot of the program was listed together so I ended up piecing together the first grade as well as the Kindergarten program..but anyway what I wanted to post about was the spelling program that I just ordered Rick...(spelling isn't included in the Sonlight program) It's the All About Spelling Level 1 program and it looks fantastic. I just looked at a preview workbook page that was on the website and I learned a spelling rule (which isn't saying much because I horrible speller) But what really made me choose this program was a favorite blog that I follow...The homeschool creations and she's giving away the reader 1 that can be added to this program..they are beautiful readers and I just fell in love with them instantly here is an example of a page in the book..

Although I haven't tryed this program yet there are factors about it that I already like such as the fact that these readers are realistic phrases but they still easy readers...not like the readers that we are currently using, and I also like the the reader book is hard cover a bonus in this house, especially since it will be used by multiple children.
And as far as the all about spelling program I've only heard good things about it...but so far I like the 100% satisfaction guaranteed for up to a year or a complete refund. I also like that it's an at your own pace program, so I won't feel rushed trying to cram all these new spelling rules into Rick's head. I also like the hands on magnet tiles along with flash cards that reinforce already learned material.
I just ordered this program today so I'm hoping that we will be able to start it by the end of next week. I will post at a later time if it is a program that we like or dislike.
Also please check out the homeschool creations blog for the beehive reader 1 giveaway if you haven't been over there yet, she also lists her pro's and con's on these readers.

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